Do you have questions or want more information about what to expect when renovating or building a new pool? Below is a list of frequently asked questions from our clients:

1. How much does a pool cost?

When determining the cost of a project, we consider the following factors:  the size of the pool, the amount of pool masonry, the custom pool features, the type of pool equipment selected, and any additions of landscaping or other outdoor features. We tailor your pool project to meet your expectations without compromising your budget.

2. How long does it take to build a pool?

An average pool build can take anywhere from 3-6 months. Weather (especially during the spring months) can cause delays.

3. Will a pool fit my yard?

At TPL, we enjoy creating beautiful scenery, even in the smallest spaces. We have built pools in areas our clients did not think possible. We use state-of-the-art software to design your pool on your property. We can  show you what your property will look like with your custom pool.

4. How much maintenance should I expect with my pool?

To maintain the appearance and health of your pool, we recommend spending a few hours each week to test the chemistry and clean the pool.  Many of our clients are investing in pool floor cleaning systems that greatly reduce cleaning time. Please contact us for more information on this convenient feature.

5. Does TPL offer a warranty on my pool or equipment?

You will receive a lifetime structural warranty on your new pool. The pool equipment manufacturer provides a warranty on its product and can provide certified technicians to service equipment. TPL can provide an in-house Paramount certified technician for those clients taking advantage of the pool floor cleaning system. Upon completing the project, we encourage our customers to ask questions and to share any concerns. Our relationship does not end at the completion of construction.

6. Will someone be at my house every day during construction?

Often, the course of construction involves many different tradesman in several different phases and it is common for days that pass without someone being at your house. Rest assured that we will work as quickly as possible to complete your job in a timely manner so you can enjoy your new yard.