Remodeling Your Pool

1. Contract & Permitting

Once plans are finalized, the contract is signed, and the initial deposit is made, we will complete the permit process.

2. Preparation

The preparation phase involves demolishing the original pool.

3. Stone Work, Tile & Coping, Plumbing & Electrical

After we complete the demo, we will begin the stonework, tile and coping, plumbing and electrical. This phase of the pool build is the most time consuming. If we detected any leaks in your previous pool, we will address those as well.

4. Install Pool Equipment/Electrical Hook Up

Next, our plumber will install your pool equipment to filter, purify and heat your water. An electrician will connect all pool equipment.

5. Form & Pour Deck, Install Decking

Once the masonry work, tile, coping, plumbing and electrical lines are installed, the concrete deck (if needed) is formed, drains are installed, and then we are ready for plaster!

6. Plaster

The plaster process on a remodeled pool is different than that of a new pool build and takes a bit more time. First, the crew will clean the pool and apply a bond coat, to insure the new finish will adhere. Then we apply the plaster. The pool can be filled when dry.

7. Balance Pool Chemistry

Once the pool is filled, we balance out the pool chemistry. This can take three to seven days, but  you can swim in your pool after the first 24 hours. We will also demonstrate how to test the chemistry, clean the filter, and fill the chlorinator. We can provide recommendations for companies proving pool-cleaning services.

8. Landscape/Irrigation/Extras

We can enhance your pool further, with lush landscaping, lighting, and other outdoor structures such as fire pits, pergolas, outdoor kitchens, and anything else you may dream up.

9. Punch List

We will complete a final walk through with you and make any repairs and answer any remaining questions.

10. Enjoy your new pool!

The transformation of your backyard will be worth the wait.